Give It While You Can

What is love?

Some people believe
It to be all romance.
Sweaty bodies entangled in
Passionate late night embraces.

A mother’s good night butterfly kisses.
A father’s strong hands protecting.
A brother or sister arm in arm
Always by your side.

And, when your family would
Never understand?
A dear friend to hold
Your hand.

These things are nice:
A little comfort,
A little spice.
But love is more.

Love lives in those moment after,
When you didn’t do right.
Or, when no one would
Fault you for your heart’s spite.

When it is anything but easy,
But we choose to give it anyway.
That is when we know the answer to:
“What is love?”

It’s a verb.
It’s action.
It’s alive.
Love is you.

It is you, giving,
With shaky voice and confession.
Vulnerable. Hat and heart and soul
Humbly resting in your open out stretched hands.

It is you, giving,
Redemption and grace.

Be it to your mother, father,
brother, sister,
Enemy, lover, friend
Or mate.

In this world?


Give it while you can…

Cause we may not be here tomorrow.

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