Authors Of Our Lives

The hardest things we must learn to write,
Are the hopes and dreams and deeds
That sum up a life.

So, endeavor each moment,
Each day, learn to refine every character,
Every line.

And, let us continue to write, until the only
Keys left to work, are the ones that spell:
Kindness, Truth, Love, and Grace


Mi Vida Loca: Love, Life, and Lifting.

Usually my weightlifting and workout gear lives in my coach/training partners garage gym. But, I have been training with my weightlifting coach Ryan Landis and performing my Open workouts at Crossfit Roots for a number of weeks now. So, lately you can find my gear dumped in my passenger seat. This particular day was a

And She Is Blessed…

The Krispy Kreme Sack

I was in a conversation with Mike, a family friend we only see once a year at Thanksgiving dinners. He has this great big smile on his face as he asks his opening question: “So what are you doing this year, working?” Me: “Oh, you’ll never guess what I am up to now!” Mike: “Oh,

“Do The Thing”

I want to share a video from Elliot Hulse. There is so much truth in here. In all my clumsiness, this is what I have been striving towards and writing about. But Elliot Hulse says it and does it so much better than I do that I wanted to share his wise words here. I

On The Road Again

What can I tell you? I have been silent for so long now that I feel I should be giving you profound words to justify my silence. I should have them, but I don’t –not right now. I will have plenty to share in the future though because 2013 tested my mettle more than anything

Earth’s Finest

Dear Hamadryas, look! Winter has stripped your leaves and left you bare. You have been caught out with nothing to wear. Oh, stop fretting and fussing and fuming. All these worries that fill your heart, Are but trifles that matter not. Each season drapes me in all of earth’s finest –treasures beyond compare. See! The

Happy New Year

I am thankful for yet another year to learn, grow, and become better than I was the year before. And my wish for us all is that we find the hope and courage and strength to become even more of everything we want to be.

I Am On A Journey…

Some journeys have specific destinations and time frames. Everyone on the journey knows when, where, why, and how long. Other journeys are rambling adventures, with surprises along the way, for everyone. The latter is what my blog’s journey has been about — what it has always been about. It is a journey I have cherished

Throw Open Your Door

Fears, like ghosts only haunt our hearts And cause us strife when we live In the shadows –trapped between What is wrong and what is right. 
We close our doors tightly and turn out all the lights. We fear monsters might be knocking on the other side — Or maybe hate and scorn and a