Bon Temps!

Lost in my thoughts
I enjoy the cool morning air drifting in.
I am sitting in my over-priced, roadside motel room.
Drinking my coffee from a cheap styrofoam cup,
While flicking away the sugary evidence smothering
My finger tops.

A quick, quiet get away was all I sought.
A morning walk in the bright sun and cool breeze.
Just a moment with my private thoughts, while
I greet my day.

“Hello, World! I am here and ready!
Show me all of your amazing wonderful ways!”

It’s then I found my hidden treasure for the day.
A delicious diamond in the rough.
A funky, crunchy, spicy hole-in-the-wall
Creole cafe!

!!iiiieeeee!! Mon Ami! THAT be A. O. K. by me!

Idle all day at the counter of your
California backroad,
Wishin’ for the bayou,
Creole hideaway cafe –
JUST what I crave!

Naw, Sir. Ain’t goin’ be happenin’ that way today.
Ain’t goin’ be no time for that kinda lazy day fun!
Gotta hit the road, on the go!
Gotta roll! Gotta run!

But that’s ok!
Don’t need much to make this a perfect day.

Just piping hot coffee in a cheap styrofoam cup,
Sizzling hot powdered beignets nestled in a ‘to go’ box.
And a cool morning breeze drifting through my open door.

Just a few stolen moments, before I hit the road.
Lost in my thoughts of her –all sweet and guilty
And out-of-my-mind crazy with the wonder and fear
Of all those things that live on the other side of a blind leap.

Just a few rip roarin’ daydreams –all wild Cajun fiddles
Sawin’ quick and hard and full of swing.
All hootin’ and hollerin’, and joyously free!
Spinin’ and stepin’ and under a big, bright moon,
On a hot summer’s night.
In a small town’s, big-time fais do do.

Just a few sweet savories from my diamond in the rough.
That funky, crunchy, spicy hole-in-the-wall,
Meet you on the California backroads,
Wishin’ for the bayou,
Creole hideaway cafe,
Down San Luis Obispo way.

!!iiiieeeee!! Mon Ami! THAT be A. O. K. by me!

Bon Temps!

Give It While You Can

What is love? Some people believe It to be all romance. Sweaty bodies entangled in Passionate late night embraces. A mother’s good night butterfly kisses. A father’s strong hands protecting. A brother or sister arm in arm Always by your side. And, when your family would Never understand? A dear friend to hold Your hand.

Use Your Summer Words

Sometimes, Too much truth Wants to come out, All at the same time. And that is when I find My typing fingers twisted, And the keyboard’s tongue tied. But, maybe all I need is just a start. A simple;  “Hey! Hi! I’m still here! I haven’t lost my heart, I’m still in the Game. I

Teegar and Me

I felt him lean in and breath deeply. “Oh, mommy… I love the smell of your hair. It smells like water and flowers and fresh air.” Then he drifted off into sleep, Hugging Teegar and me. The one and only, Teegar the Great!

Keeping Faith

Here I keep faith with those who have paid the ultimate price for my free life. Keeping faith is more than thanks. Keeping faith is the continual struggle for freedom, so that their sacrifice is not in vain. Through my words and my life, though small, insignificant, and meek. I strive and struggle and learn


For today, turn it off. The fractions, the distractions, And all those moaning contraptions. For today, turn it all off! It’s your choice. Speak your words for the public, Dress and wrap them boldly. Or, speak a lyrical silence. Your thoughts a private treasure, To be puzzled out and savored instead. Yes. That is it.

Authors Of Our Lives

The hardest things we must learn to write, Are the hopes and dreams and deeds That sum up a life. So, endeavor each moment, Each day, learn to refine every character, Every line. And, let us continue to write, until the only Keys left to work, are the ones that spell: Kindness, Truth, Love, and

Mi Vida Loca: Love, Life, and Lifting.

Usually my weightlifting and workout gear lives in my coach/training partners garage gym. But, I have been training with my weightlifting coach Ryan Landis and performing my Open workouts at Crossfit Roots for a number of weeks now. So, lately you can find my gear dumped in my passenger seat. This particular day was a

And She Is Blessed…

The Krispy Kreme Sack

I was in a conversation with Mike, a family friend we only see once a year at Thanksgiving dinners. He has this great big smile on his face as he asks his opening question: “So what are you doing this year, working?” Me: “Oh, you’ll never guess what I am up to now!” Mike: “Oh,