To Everything There Is A Season…

And a time to every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3 Verse 3-22. Or, The Byrds…

Always people on their knees begging to learn the big “T”: ‘Truth’. Until you start to speak it to them. But how many people truly listen past the verses they want to hear?

Not many.

Because once you start to speak and listen to the truth you’ll quickly learn that:
My Truth
Your Truth
His Truth
Her Truth
Their Truth
They are all different.

And that is where it gets troublesome, when another’s truth is not mine, then comes the fight to make them align. And that’s the truth, Right?

Or is it?

I’ve always had more questions then answers, probably why it takes me so long to get some place, there are so many bunny trails to take.

Please hear me: this post isn’t about any religion, or belief being right, wrong, or anything else. Believe and live as you wish. It’s about how very difficult it is to express and listen to another persons radically different experiences of the same world. I am only asking you, to ask yourself: how fair and open to another’s differences are you; does it unhinge you when your views clash, why?

And when it’s your time to listen to a radically different person telling you what the view of the Universe looks like from the window of their eyes, how much of your truth can you hold on to, and how much will you let theirs effect and change you while you listen? How long will/can you listen and hold your peace?

Tough stuff.

That’s like Ninja Level consciousness training.

But don’t worry, if thinking for yourself or struggling with thinking about the world from a different perspective then your own is too challenging, because, equal to the people begging for the truth as they wish to know it are the people on pedestals ready to take your precious time and money to tell you what to think, or sell you the story that is exactly as you think, or build and lead a force of people that will think exactly as you think.

I am sure it will all be ok then, right?

Or will it?

Uncle Ray

Black whiskers With streaks of silver And grey. You were always teaching me To rise above the fray. And when I’d tell you about My dark and uncertain days, While we drove those wooded Back country roads You’d look over at me And start singing; “I’ll Fly Away” With that sparkle in your eyes And

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On Being Me

My whole life I have been hearing; “Darla, just relax and be yourself.” This has been some of the most frustrating and confusing advice I have ever gotten. Because when I am being the me I am comfortable with, I often leave people wide-eyed, slack-jawed and muttering; “Well bless her heart, isn’t she special.” or

The Eyes of Empathy

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Don’t Worry…

Ratings say it’s ok! . . We’ll figure out how to spin it right another day – just after we’ve made it big!


Because. The Universe asked us to dance. We each in part hold a piece of The other’s mystery. It is the struggle helping Us to see, To reach a deeper peace. Why? Because life is trouble, and there is one part expert And one part novice in us all. Over The Rhine: Trouble


Don’t get tangled up in The barbed wire of your mind. Someone’s always gonna have A say that won’t go your way. Besides, the biggest land mines Were always in your own head. Slip that leash and speak, You’ll be just fine.

Mosaic Life

Mirrors, china, glass And earthenware A gem here, a jewel there. Undaunted she continued Sorting through those Shattered disparate pieces. Flummoxed and confused they Watched over this mosaic muse Crying out: “We don’t understand! There’s no flash, no cash — Only this faded trash!” But there was no time to quell that strife. She was

The Wonder Within

It was never a life I sought or planned Only a walkabout to learn more of Who I am. I took lonely wilderness paths, left muddy Foot print tracks and stared too long At the looming faceless shadows in my heart. I got lost in the darkness of an endless night From gazing at the