In This World

Knowledge is power,
And technology its greatest tool.

Our hands may use either to enslave,
Or to liberate.

But it’s our heart that dictates
The many deeds our hands will disseminate.

And so here we are, again, a place in time where
We must stand to face ourselves and each other to ask:

We have the power and tools to enslave,
or to liberate.

How will history remember us as it discriminates among
These many labors our hearts and hands do make?

Will it find more love,
Or pointless hate?

W is for

…Wee Fish Ewe A Mare Egrets Moose, Panda Hippo Gnu Deer!

For the Record

It’s National Coming Out Day And I have something I need To say! I am a white cisgender women Who’s seen twenty-one years of marriage And loving a white cisgender man. We are perfectly, typical and average in nearly every way: A cat, a dog, a couple of cars, and Two really nice kids (With


It’s the thing that happens after wisdom and strength rise you out of fear and self-hate.

Small Quiet Poem

Are there any words of poetry better spoken then quiet, kind whispers of; “I understand.” ?

Love and Truth

The Dot Connector

I have listened to Carolyn Myss’ recordings for a number of years. And though I don’t share all of her beliefs the same as she believes them, I have always had a deep awe of her ability to connect the dots from a myriad of spiritual, religious, and, philosophical learnings and weave them into cohesive


Work Horse Draft Horse Tame Horse That’s my usual Nature of sorts. ‘Til the fences go up And the gates close in. Then I am all Heart race Track pace Run-for-the-hills Mustang Hard to handle Hot blooded Arabian Can’t take a Trapped in fate Just throw open The gates And watch me Run for the


Sincerity extends hands Willingness reaches back Forgiveness bridges gaps Peace keeps turning

Blue Plate Special

MENU . . Poetical Hillbilly Red Neck Beatnik Blue Collar Quirky Philosophical Lush Bohemian Hippy Barbell Chick *Special Changes Daily* Cooks Choice No Substitutions Never Made to Order But Guaranteed to Satisfied! I guess you could say it’s a Quit yer bitchin’ and C’mon in! Find a stool. Lay that quarter down and Take yer