Polite to a Fault

Things that took
forever and a day to learn:

Politeness is a lost social art.
People don’t always understand it
and confuse it for weakness.
Be polite anyway –that is strength.

But, sometimes excessive politeness
is really just seeking permission to succeed,
or worse, permission to exist –that is weakness.

Quote by Margaret Graham

You exist whether anyone likes it or not, and
you get to define success, for you.

The only one that can grant or deny you
the permission to pursue and enjoy success…
is you.

When politeness becomes a prison,
it’s time to take the offensive.
Far worse then offending is living
trapped in your polite, timid prison.

And maybe… just maybe your words
are the difference that was needed all along.
The sharp, quick slap-in-the-face that wakes
the mind to right even greater wrongs.

So, clang your cup against the bars!
Clang and bang and shout and yell
until you find there is no lock and key,
or concrete walls and iron bars trapping
you in.

Yes, I know, it’s sad but true.
It was only ever your excessive
politeness that held you captive–
forever and a day.

So, be polite…
but not so polite you abdicate your life.

Soul Train

Some days I’m Wound too tight. I’m all Invisible Train wrecks deep Inside my mind. I’m all swirling Words crashing down. And every time I turn around, Bam! Boom! Bang! Little stick men And Thick stick women, Strewn all about! Oh! Those poor Little stick men And Thick stick women! They were only Coming home

The Difference You Make

What difference to this world will you make? Whether it be small or great, Who can really say? Miniature is not meaningless. Atoms stitch together Our very existence. Water, slow and meandering Has cut many a deep, And breathtaking canyon. What difference to this world will you make? Whether it be small or great, Who

Obvious Truths

“Kids reveal an obvious truth: natural wonder is built in to us, we are instinctively attracted to nature. Nature tugs on us like gravity. We travel long distances to stand atop mountains or stroll along seashores for reasons we can’t quite put into words. Nature keeps alive a childlike wonder and enables us to see

Bon Temps!

Lost in my thoughts I enjoy the cool morning air drifting in. I am sitting in my over-priced, roadside motel room. Drinking my coffee from a cheap styrofoam cup, While flicking away the sugary evidence smothering My finger tops. A quick, quiet get away was all I sought. A morning walk in the bright sun

Give It While You Can

What is love? Some people believe It to be all romance. Sweaty bodies entangled in Passionate late night embraces. A mother’s good night butterfly kisses. A father’s strong hands protecting. A brother or sister arm in arm Always by your side. And, when your family would Never understand? A dear friend to hold Your hand.

Use Your Summer Words

Sometimes, Too much truth Wants to come out, All at the same time. And that is when I find My typing fingers twisted, And the keyboard’s tongue tied. But, maybe all I need is just a start. A simple;  “Hey! Hi! I’m still here! I haven’t lost my heart, I’m still in the Game. I

Teegar and Me

I felt him lean in and breath deeply. “Oh, mommy… I love the smell of your hair. It smells like water and flowers and fresh air.” Then he drifted off into sleep, Hugging Teegar and me. The one and only, Teegar the Great!

Keeping Faith

Here I keep faith with those who have paid the ultimate price for my free life. Keeping faith is more than thanks. Keeping faith is the continual struggle for freedom, so that their sacrifice is not in vain. Through my words and my life, though small, insignificant, and meek. I strive and struggle and learn


For today, turn it off. The fractions, the distractions, And all those moaning contraptions. For today, turn it all off! It’s your choice. Speak your words for the public, Dress and wrap them boldly. Or, speak a lyrical silence. Your thoughts a private treasure, To be puzzled out and savored instead. Yes. That is it.